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Monthly Archives: December 2011

christmas bokeh
photo via j|y on flickr

Last night, I was transported back in time in the little village of Dogliani, in the province of Cuneo (region Piedmont), Italy. Magic comes alive as the sun sets and villagers convert their home into the Medieval Age at the Presepe Vivente literally translated as “crib living”.

Presepe is a tradition in Italy where instead of christmas tree, you will find miniature models depicting the night of the birth of Jesus in every home. Presepe Vivente at Dogliani takes a step further as the villagers re-lives the scene instead. Wandering around the streets, you will find soldiers on patrol, women weaving at the loom, blacksmiths forging with anvil and chisel and all the other ancient crafts.

I regretted not bringing my camera… it was hopeless trying to capture the moments with my iphone. Here’s some pictures of Presepe Vivente from another town that I found online.

If you are in Italy this christmas, google for the nearest Presepe Vivente. It is usually only on the night of 23rd and 24th of December where the magic happens. Tonight, it will be exciting as they put baby Jesus into the manger when he is born.

Merry Christmas, everyone! Buon Natale!

Be merry and keep warm!

I got myself the perfect winter scarf at the Missoni outlet in Alba yesterday.  Another christmas present to myself. hohoho!


xx cs


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I am recently enamoured with leopard prints and the wild side of things. On fashion, that is.

Wild Things

Rebecca Taylor faux fur vest
$175 –

Alexander mcqueen shoes
$895 –

Fendi leopard handbag
€2.520 –

£425 –

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This must be the happiest friday of the year, with christmas just around the corner and the start of a week long vacation!

Here’s some happy songs to start your day, bright and cheery.

Happy Holidays, lovelies!

Hope your day is as chirpy as mine.

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a dollhouse made lovely | making it lovely

This!!! is insane!!! So pretty in pink! And a mini dollhouse in a dollhouse… cuteness!

I wish my home can look like this!

I’m so inspired to make my own dollhouse too! A petite version of my dream-home maybe.  Except I would have nowhere to keep it.  Home is now on a 120 litre suitcase with wheels.

When I finally settle down in a location, I will start this ultimate DIY project. Until then, I can only clip lovely pictures and store them away on pinterest.

via decor8

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I came across this old post about ‘Secrets of french girls‘ from blogger Dead Fleurette  – why they always look so effortlessly chic.  It is a most interesting albeit lengthy article but totally worth the ten minutes spent reading it.

‘SALE’ is a formidable word that seem to throw all caution to the wind.  It makes everything seem to be a ‘good buy, best buy, must buy!‘.  And if you are an impulsive shopper like me, keeping the secrets of french girls in mind could help you to save some cash and wardrobe space for the special item that is truly worth it.

Bookmark the article and read it from time to time. Perhaps the next time you face an impulsive temptation, the article can help you to ‘resist the devil’.

And I hope it will save you from some headaches on this boxing day sale!

xx cs

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Honestly WTF – DIY Peter Pan Collar

Create your own Peter Pan collar with this simple DIY tutorial.

I’m thinking of trying it in different colours!

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Everyone loves a nicely wrapped present, no? Somehow, it enhances the anticipation of what lies beneath the pretty paper and ribbons.

For inspirations on how to wrap your presents this christmas, check out Martha Stewart’s Gift Wrapping Challenge featuring four very talented bloggers. Vote for your favourite!

Creature Comforts Gift Wrap

Shimtokk Gift Wrap


Somethings Hiding In Here Gift Wrap

Hello Sandwich Gift Wrap

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