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I just came across this interesting youtube channel and I’m so excited to share it with you!

Ladies and gentlemen, presenting… Style Haul

Although its a channel on fashion and beauty, I love their DIY videos.

Here, take a look:





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Now that New Year celebrations are over.

Lets focus on the next holiday.

♥ Valentines Day ♥

I have never really bothered to celebrate valentines day before.

I find it commercialized & over-rated.

It is not that I’m boycotting valentines day.

I just dont think roses and dinners at exorbitant price is justified.

I believe that

    every day is a day to show that you care.


It would be nice to receive {and to give} flowers on random days.

It doesnt have to only be on valentines day.


This year, however,

I am thinking

of making a little something… just to make the day a little more


{ in addition to all other 364 days }

Something homemade

    { from the heart }

Here’s some inspiring ideas

and I just want to share them with you too.

Tell him 10 Things I Love About You { via Kara’s Party Ideas }


Throw a dreamy vintage valentines day tea party { via Kara’s Party Ideas }

{ You see, Kara is THE party queen. Her blog is just full of amazing and inspiring party ideas! }


Or build a colourful moroccan tent


And bake some valentines day sweets  


Make an embroidered portrait of him and you


Create an art piece with your travel souvenirs together


Whisper sweet nothings on the pillows {via everyday celebrating }


Or just a simple treasure box of love and memories

What about you?

{ What is your plan for Valentine’s Day? }

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photo via color issue

Skip and dance leaving shiny trails. Glitters is such a brilliant way to glam things up. With some glitters and pva glue, it looks like almost anything can be made bright and shiny with a magic touch.

Here’s a roundup of simple DIY tutorials from some glittering creative bloggers for inspiration. Click on the link or pictures to see the tutorial.

1. Sweet glittering ballet flats perfect for dancing in the gardens.

2. Ruby red shoes reminds me of Dorothy from Wizard of Oz.

3. I love these glamorous sneakers for the city girl (me!).

4. An awesome video that shows you step-by-step in mixing the ‘magic glitter potion’.

5. Miu-miu inspired glittering collar from Refinery29

6. Glamorous gold clutch for that dinner party. Such a great idea from Julia to use a felt cloth for the bow. So pretty!

7. These glittering tights  are probably my favourite glitter DIY. I love the etheral look of the tights even if they can probably only survive a night. After all, Cinderella has to leave the castle when the clock strikes twelve.

8. And last but not least. A good way to use those left over glitters – glittering nails!

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