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photo via When She Smiles

Have you ever walked past a beautiful stranger
and turn your head back for a glance?
Or wondered if you could raid her wardrobe,
and wished you had a chance.

I love peeking into the closets of stylish folks {see previous post here}
Add Closet Visit to the list!

Take a look at the video they made.
So dreamy.

So whimsical.

So Alice in Fairyland.

Matilde from closet visit on Vimeo.


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photo via color issue

Skip and dance leaving shiny trails. Glitters is such a brilliant way to glam things up. With some glitters and pva glue, it looks like almost anything can be made bright and shiny with a magic touch.

Here’s a roundup of simple DIY tutorials from some glittering creative bloggers for inspiration. Click on the link or pictures to see the tutorial.

1. Sweet glittering ballet flats perfect for dancing in the gardens.

2. Ruby red shoes reminds me of Dorothy from Wizard of Oz.

3. I love these glamorous sneakers for the city girl (me!).

4. An awesome video that shows you step-by-step in mixing the ‘magic glitter potion’.

5. Miu-miu inspired glittering collar from Refinery29

6. Glamorous gold clutch for that dinner party. Such a great idea from Julia to use a felt cloth for the bow. So pretty!

7. These glittering tights  are probably my favourite glitter DIY. I love the etheral look of the tights even if they can probably only survive a night. After all, Cinderella has to leave the castle when the clock strikes twelve.

8. And last but not least. A good way to use those left over glitters – glittering nails!

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I am recently enamoured with leopard prints and the wild side of things. On fashion, that is.

Wild Things

Rebecca Taylor faux fur vest
$175 –

Alexander mcqueen shoes
$895 –

Fendi leopard handbag
€2.520 –

£425 –

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I came across this old post about ‘Secrets of french girls‘ from blogger Dead Fleurette  – why they always look so effortlessly chic.  It is a most interesting albeit lengthy article but totally worth the ten minutes spent reading it.

‘SALE’ is a formidable word that seem to throw all caution to the wind.  It makes everything seem to be a ‘good buy, best buy, must buy!‘.  And if you are an impulsive shopper like me, keeping the secrets of french girls in mind could help you to save some cash and wardrobe space for the special item that is truly worth it.

Bookmark the article and read it from time to time. Perhaps the next time you face an impulsive temptation, the article can help you to ‘resist the devil’.

And I hope it will save you from some headaches on this boxing day sale!

xx cs

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