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A shopaholic bitten by the travel bug

I came across this old post about ‘Secrets of french girls‘ from blogger Dead Fleurette  – why they always look so effortlessly chic.  It is a most interesting albeit lengthy article but totally worth the ten minutes spent reading it.

‘SALE’ is a formidable word that seem to throw all caution to the wind.  It makes everything seem to be a ‘good buy, best buy, must buy!‘.  And if you are an impulsive shopper like me, keeping the secrets of french girls in mind could help you to save some cash and wardrobe space for the special item that is truly worth it.

Bookmark the article and read it from time to time. Perhaps the next time you face an impulsive temptation, the article can help you to ‘resist the devil’.

And I hope it will save you from some headaches on this boxing day sale!

xx cs


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