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A shopaholic bitten by the travel bug

Yesterday while randomly surfing youtube videos, I came across Millande’s channel on Art Journaling.
She is such an amazing artist. At first look, it seems like she is just randomly painting, drawing, doodling. But her finished piece… its amazing! Her techniques and combination of various media is so fascinating.
Check out her many many videos on her youtube channel here and be inspired!

Looking at her video on London grid journaling, it reminds me of the beginners graphic design class I took at Central Saint Martins in Autumn last year. Working in the IT industry and being an IT geek, I just wanted to do something different when I’m not at work. To learn something new.

Anyhow, in one of our field trips, we went to the British museum and was given the assignment to just sit in one of the room and draw what we see. Horrifying was it is! signals the left hemisphere of my brain. If the size of your head is determined by the size of your brain, I think I would only have half my head with an undeveloped right hemisphere. Yikes! But a task is a task.

I walked around the exhibition room, apprehensive, and started drawing in my little black notebook anyways. Random lines, objects, patterns. My drawing sucks so I shall not post them up to embarrass myself. But surprisingly, it was the most interesting, fun and relaxing hour of my life.

Try it! Just for fun. Find a place – it can be anywhere – or even your home, and just draw what you see. I hope you’ll find it a fun and relaxing experience like I did.


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