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A shopaholic bitten by the travel bug

I love pinterest.
And it annoys me to no end that I cannot easily pin pictures from my iPhone and iPad.

But today! I found a way to do it!

    Thanks to all the geniuses out there, especially to my best friend Mr Google of course!

Holy moly! It’s that easy!!!

So I request an invite from pinterest for my blog,
Download the pinterest app from iTunes
Turn on bookmark bar on safari.
Add the pinterest bookmarklet to safari bookmark bar.
And did a crazy little dance.


See now I have a little Pin It button at the top left of safari on my ipad.

{ It doesnt appear on my iphone though. But I can still pin from my iphone by selecting the ‘Pin It’ bookmark in safari on the web page that I want to pin. }

Now that I can pin while surfing from my ipad and iphone,

I will be pinning alot more now for sure!


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